When it comes to putting some green into your space in the form of a living wall, we are your people.

Let's face it, plants resonate with us.  They have that unique ability to give us something that we can't quite find from anything  else.  They work hard at purifying the air we breath while giving us that opportunity to stop, breathe and consider our lives.  We put great thought and consideration into designing the most optimal and appropriate living wall for your specific space.

With our complimentary on-site consultation, we can help you realize your green wall dreams with ease.  Here we consider and discuss with you the light, scale, composition of planting, personal aesthetic, and recommended on going maintenance in order to get specific on what's just right for you.

Whether you're looking for your home, office or workspace, working on your own or with a team of designers, we're available to you.  We encourage you to book a consultation and get the conversation going on bringing that all important element of greenery into your daily environment!