Heather, at a glance

Heather March started GREENSTEMS in 2009 after spending nearly 10 years enjoying a successful career in  Landscape Design in Toronto, Ontario.  Specializing in transforming her client's outdoor spaces into an extension of their indoor living space, she has always been passionate about nature and the waxing and waning of the seasons.

GREENSTEMS has been creating indoor living walls since it began here in Vancouver, BC.  Heather continues to merge her experience and expertise with Landscape Design and applies those same design principles within her greenwalls and living art pieces.  The result is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship of plant material and the space in which is stands,  working together creating that perfect composition.

Heather is also a recognized floral designer, with her floral designs having a natural lean towards the fullest expression of the flowers in their utmost glory.  Her arrangements celebrate each natural element and what they offer within the composition, thus creating a work of art with each and every arrangement.  She has a handful of clientele that enjoy a weekly installation in their homes.  In addition,  GREENSTEMS also supplies weekly arrangements to local restaurants  who continue to appreciate her organic and natural flair.